Booking a demo

Thanks for your interest in booking an introduction and demo call for Compassly.

In under 15 minutes we can introduce Compassly, give you a quick demo, and help you understand if Compassly is a good fit with your organisation.

What we won’t do is give you any hard sell – we hope you’ll love Compassly, but if it’s not the right fit then we certainly won’t keep bothering you about it.

Simply choose a date and time that suits you in the form below, fill in your details, and we’ll be in touch with further details.

We know you’re busy and your time is valuable. And so we’d also like to send you a gift voucher for you to treat yourself to a coffee and cake, as a little thank you from us.

If you’d like colleagues to join, please let us know their names and email addresses in the form, and we can add them to the invite (plus send them details for their gift voucher too).

To keep to time, we generally wouldn’t recommend more than three people joining any one call.

Any queries, please contact