in competence.

Comprehensive clinical competencies managed with the simplicity of an app.

A revolution in competencies.

Designed for clinicians who need to develop their competencies throughout their careers, Compassly is a digital record of your clinical skills that can be used to effortlessly prove your competence wherever you need to.

  • Highly configurable
  • Easy to use
  • For all clinical staff
  • Simple to maintain

Build skills
across multiple organisations.

Compassly lets you build your own competency passport that can seamlessly work across multiple organisations, over your career or at the same time. And joining a new organisation is a simple as a quick scan of your unique identification code, saving everyone vital time.


Incredibly Easy

A simple interface means staff are up & running with no training, & even complicated competencies can be handled with ease.

Modern Clinical Workforce

Users can work across multiple organisations & hold multiple different roles. Competencies can be standardised & co-ordinated across healthcare systems.

Hugely Configurable

Build competency assessments that work for you, start with templates for common sets of competencies & customisable for individual roles.

Onboard In Seconds

New staff can be securely added with a quick scan of their code, perfect for bank & agency workers to instantly be part of the team.

Secure And Reliable

Competencies are digitally assured, & all records are securely backed up in the cloud. All supported by AWS's rock-solid infrastructure, on UK servers.

Where You Need It

An iPhone & Android app for on the go. A web app is also available at your desk. Therefore, we provide you consistent experience across all.

For whom?

Competency authors

Who want their standards to be used widely, accurately and easily in order to have the maximum to patients and clinicians.

Healthcare providers

Who want to develop and retain their staff, ensure compliance with the best standards and to have a clear overview of training levels for board and CQC assurance.

Healthcare professionals

Who want to develop their skills throughout their careers, have their abilities recognised and have access to the best standards of training.

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