Deleting your account on Compassly 

When you register in Compassly you are creating a profile for yourself – and part of it being your own profile is that you also have the right to delete that profile. 

However, as each user’s account can be associated with multiple organisations, before any personal account is deleted we need to ensure that it has been disassociated from all organisations that it had been linked to. This is a partially manual process that needs to be carried out by the Compassly team. This page talks you through how that process works and what to do if you want to delete your Compassly account. 

If you need help with any of the below, just ask at  

First, is there anything we can help you with? 

If the reason you’re requesting account deletion is because something has gone wrong with your existing account and you want to start again, it is generally quicker and easier for you if we are able to help resolve any issues with your existing account, than for you to start entirely from scratch. 

Mistakes registering? 

If you made a mistake when registering, you don’t necessarily to delete your whole account. You can change your personal details (name and profile picture) and update any contact details (emails or phone numbers) directly in the Contact Details section of the app. 

If you can’t login or change your details, please contact us and we may be able to help resolve it. 

Just looking to change organisations? 

Your Compassly profile can be used with multiple organisations, you do not need to delete your old account and re-register for each organisation you work with. You can add your existing Compassly profile to a new organisation, including customising the contact details you want to use – just follow the usual steps for joining the new organisation. 

Can’t remember your password? 

You can self-service reset your password – under the login details (Email and Password) you’ll find “Forgot Password?”. Enter your email address to receive a link to reset your password. 

Don’t receive a password reset email? 

If you’ve tried to reset your password but don’t receive an email or you received an email that says “Compassly password reset requested for non-registered email address”, it means we don’t have a record of your email address in our system.  

In almost all cases, this is because there was a typo in your email address when you registered, and we are generally able to resolve this quite quickly – please send us an email from the email you believe you registered under, and we will be able to check for any obviously similar registrations but with typos. We may ask you to confirm your phone number for account verification. 

Requesting deleting your account 

If you have no issues with accessing your account and you just want it deleted, you can request this directly through the app. 

IMPORTANT: Account deletion is permanent and cannot be undone by anyone. This includes all progress on competencies and any other records in Compassly. 

Removing your profile from all organisations 

Before an account can be deleted, it needs to be removed from all organisations. You can’t do this directly yourself, it requires a supervisor to do so.  

The steps they need to follow are: 

  1. Navigate to your profile in their “Supervisee” tab 
  1. Ensure any active Job Descriptions have been Archived – tap on each Job Description and then scroll down to “Archive Job Description” 
  1. Once all active Job Descriptions have been removed, your supervisor will then see the option to remove you from the organisation 

This needs to be repeated for all organisation that your account was associated with. If your supervisor is not able to do this or you have left the organisation and need us to speak to an administrator for that organisation, please contact us. 

Requesting account deletion 

Once you are no longer part of any organisations, we can process your deletion request. Login to your account, and tap on My Passport

 From there, tap on the settings cog in the top right: 

At the bottom of the Settings screen you will see the option to “Delete account”: 

Please read the information on this page carefully, and if you are sure you want to delete your account then tap on “Delete account”. 

You will be asked one final time to confirm: 

And then your account deletion request will be processed: 

Processing the deletion 

Account deletion requests will need to be processed and may take some work from the Compassly team to check that all the necessary steps with each organisation have been completed. We may contact you for further details as part of this process. Once your account deletion has been processed, we will send you an email to confirm that this has been completed. 

After the account has been deleted 

As outlined above, account deletion is final and cannot be undone. If you wish to register for Compassly again then you can do so as a new user (including using your previous contact details), but no history of your previous account or records will exist.